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My Guerlain Meteorites

BeFunky_Guerlain1.jpgLast Wednesday, I received a package in the mail and the Guerlain Meteorites were inside the box.  I had been waiting and tracking this order for a week and I finally had the product in my hands.  I handled the Guerlain Box as though it were a delicate crystal and every so slowly & gently, I opened the round sliver Guerlain logo’d container and the first thing that I noted was the fragrance, OMG.  Now I know what other’s mean when they try to describe the scent.  To me it was like taking a flash back trip to grade school and the scent that my grade one teacher had.  I remember her, this scent and how beautiful she looked.  Well, that’s was my first impression and then I applied it on my face and OMG it is just fabulous.  I bought a blush brush especially for the Guerlain Perels and when I applied to my skin, it gives off a very light sheen, not a shine but a soft glow.  I just love my perels and often go to my room just to hold the container in my hands, open the box, and take-in the fragrance – the scent is amazing.  I think it would make a great addition to anyone’s makeup routine and a definite must have.  Bye for now.

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