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Some people may like to shop for clothing, purses, shoes or even cookware and that’s just fine. As for myself, I love my Nechi Bling!  I have one lady who does most of my bead work for me and she never ceases to amaze me with her work.  Each piece is different from the last in some way or another and each piece has her good positive thoughts embedded into each bead.  When our women bead, the one thing they do not do is bead when they are troubled or in a not so good space as these thoughts and feeling will be transferred into their work.  Every cook a meal when you are in a bad mood?  What is the outcome?  Same thing holds for beading.  I wanted to share with you this last piece that she completed for me, which I think is simply amazing.  She has definitely out done herself this time, good job Bev!  Until next time, take care.