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NEECHIE GIVEAWAY – Tarte beMATTEnificent Palette


Tarte Shadow 1
TARTE beMATTEnificent Palette

As I am going into my 3rd month of blogging, I find that I want to share some of the cosmetics that I bought or something that I think someone would appreciate.  So I added a NEECHIE GIVEAWAY page to my blog.  Here I will post the various contests or random giveaway’s, I don’t have any set rules for this, I just want it to be FUN.  Yes, FUN.  I don’t want this to be time consuming or stressful, so I requested the help of RAFFLECOPTER.COM to do all the work.  All you have to do is go to my NEECHIE GIVEAWAY page, “LIKE” this page and enter my contest.  You will then have a chance to win my first ever NEECHIE GIVEAWAY, which is the beMATTEnificent Palette by TARTE.  It’s that easy.

beMATTE Swatch
TARTE beMATTEnificent Paletter

I may have made some errors along the way, but that’s ok, I’m human and that’s just fine with me. Until next time, stay gorgeous 🙂 and have an Amazing Sacred Day!


2 thoughts on “NEECHIE GIVEAWAY – Tarte beMATTEnificent Palette”

  1. I absolutely love Marc Jacobs! as a matter of fact I personally visited a Marc Jacob makeup specialist right here in good ol Toronto, at Sephora in Yorkdale Mall. She did an amazing job at applying my makeup for me, which came in handy as I was on my way to a professional photo shoot!

    One of the items I absolutely had to purchase, and I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in creating a glamorous glow without over doing it, is the Marc Jocobs O!mega Bronze!! It comes in a large ultra sheik case with Marc Jacobs displayed across the front and it says “size does matte(r)” which could be read in a couple of different ways, but for the sake of our pleasant readers, let us just say that the term is meant to accentuate the “matte” because it really does create a matte look without a cakey layering look that other bronzers often leave behind.
    And best of all, it also has a built in SPF right in it! what more could a glam gal possible hope for?

    The makeup artists also attached a pair of Sephora “Astonish” lashes to my upper eye lid. Coming from a lady who has never worn fake eyelashes before, I immediately thought that I would look like a wanna be version of Rupaul, but much to my surprise, I actually looked very sophisticated and lashfully happy. And finally, she finished me off with a deep dark rose red lipstick. When I left Sephora that day, I knew what the movie stars must feel like when they walk the red carpet. Thankfully the makeup stayed in place and did not smudge or run so that by the time I reached my photo shoot, I looked fabulous and glam! Best of all, I have the pictures to prove it!


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