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 I’m lovin’ MILANI

I understand and know why many women love the MILANI cosmetics. 

I managed to visit a CVS while I was in Las Vegas last week and for those of you that do not know what kind of a store a CVS is, it’s a like our Shoppers Drug Marts here in Canada. My mission was to check out the MILANI cosmetics and scan some of the other products. I picked up two MILANI lip glosses, my first pick was the #02 Mai-Tai, which is a beautiful vibrant coral shade and the other was the #03 Luminous which is a gorgeous light nude shiny pink. I cannot decide yet which is my favourite as both look beautiful and have great “staying” power. I really do encourage you to find yourselves a CVS and pick up some MILANI products because they are well worth the money and come in many more great colors. Their line of lipsticks, blushes and liners are also a great choice, so check them out and let me know which MILANI cosmetic is your fav. Until next time stay gorgeous 🙂