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sigma brushes

I was recently given the opportunity by Tiffany at to review 2 Sigma Brushes of my choice and of course, I chose two Sigma Tapered Blending Brushes, the #E35 and another is the #E40.  I was so excited to learn that I would be receiving these two brushes and that I was to give my thoughts on them.  Now that I have my very own Sigma Blending Brushes I feel like my make up has been applied by a professional.  Lets just say I love the way the #E40 brush applies the product to my eyelids with just the right amount of product and if I want to build, its possible and the results are amazingly precise.  The #E35 brush is soooo soft and fluffy and feels like and fairy is applying my makeup every so gently, seriously its soo soft and blends out the color excellently.  When I opened up this brush for the first time, all I did for the first few minutes was swipe it back and forth on my eyelid and examined the brush itself.  Each brush has the shiny Sigma logo on both the handle and ferrule.  So beautiful.  I am recommending that if you are planning to add a new blending brush to your collection, definitely try out the Sigma Brushes at Obsessed Look, you will be happy with the purchase.  I’m so happy that my first experience with Brand Name Brushe would be with Sigma…ahhhh how awesome is that.  Anyway, the short of it is that I use the #E40, to apply my eye-shadow in my crease and then I blend it out with the #E35 and the end results are fabulous.

Please go and check out the OL website, they have everything that you require in the world of Beauty for the Hair, Face & Body, Nails and something for the Lips and Lashes.  Click here OBESSEDLOOK.COM to begin your experience of looking your best everyday and for every event.  Shipping is FREE within Canada, have fun:)

Thank You Tiffany!


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