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Lorac Mega Pro Palette
Lorac Mega Pro Palette Limited Edition

(the following was taken from the Lorac Website)

LORAC Mega PRO Palette*

LORAC Makeup
TOTAL NET WEIGHT 0.62 OZ./ 17.6g


A 32-shade PRO Palette with 28 brand-new, Exclusive shades. 2 x’s the number of shades with only 4 original must-have basics (White, Cream, Espresso, Black)

($204 Value)


Here are my thoughts……

Man oh Man! Has this palette ever created a buzz.

I enjoy browsing the different cosmetic sites, watching the Beauty Guru’s videos on You Tube, and visiting Beauty Blogs that are out there on the World Wide Web.  It’s amazing how I can connect to all this information with just a tap of my finger.  Last night I watched another You Tube video, where the lady was showing her latest haul and of course the first item she showed was the Lorac Mega Pro Palette.  She boosted about how amazing it is, how happy she was to finally have it and went on into detail about the description of each shadow.   I then went on to another video, and once again, another guru was talking about how lucky she was to have it BUT did not go into details as she stated that “since many were not able to purchase this palette, that she did not want to give a review on it”.  I appreciated this.  I am happy for all the people who were lucky enough to have received the Lorac Mega Palette free, from the company (or where every they rec’d it from) for them to review AND for the many who were able to purchase it online, I’m happy for them.  They have something that I and many others do not have.  I could go and purchase one off Ebay, but that’s not happening.  So, in my opinion, “i’m ok” with not being able to have this palette.  I am very, very, very happy with the many palettes that I have collected over the years and I know I have more than I could ever use.

I was so happy using my Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette and Blushes, that I missed all the hype and releasing of the Lorac Palette.  That by the time I caught on that Lorac had this MEGA palette out, it was all sold out.  So to soothe my makeup addiction, I just walk over to my vanity and pick up my SUGARPILL Palette or my CHARLOTTE TILBURY palette or the many, many, many other palettes that I do have and the Lorac Palette is forgotten.  🙂

I Love my Charlotte Tilbure Luxury Palette, Amazing
Sugar Pill Palette
My Lastest Purchase from SUGARPILL

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