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My Meeting with a Follower

IMG_0178I really don’t know how to start my story but to say that I’m just one happy blogger after meeting Michelle by chance.  I ran into Michelle at Winners in Sherwood Park and she stopped me and said “I know you, your Beauty Native Style”.  Well she just made my day.  Michelle manages the Beauty Salon at Shopper’s Drug Mart in Lloydminister and invited me to visit her anytime.  Michelle also stops by my blog every now and again and this to me is simply fabulous.  I mean seriously, I was just thrilled.

I started my Beauty Native Style blog as a place to jot down my thoughts and to record my journey through this cosmetic maze of beauty products and maybe review some of them, lol.  It was almost one year ago that I posted my first story and never did I dream that I would have any followers and not to mention meet one of them.  I have 31 followers and I know this is nothing compared to some who have thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers or subscribers.  I’m proud to say I have 31 followers and want to send out a huge thank you to each one of you for being here every so often to give me a small bit of support, thank you it means a lot.

Starting my blog also gave me the opportunity to do something that was out of the ordinary and starting a blog was definitely different.  My blog gives me an opportunity to write down stories about things in my life from my point of view on a variety of topics from beauty related to personal type events. I turned 50 last year and for some reason at this point in my life I feel more confident about myself and how I deal with the events in my life.  I have a different point of view when it comes to makeup for example.  My skin is totally different then it was 20 or even 30 years ago and I can’t apply it the same way as I did back then.  IMG_0214I have had to learn by trial and error.  It’s only been in the last, maybe 10 years that I have been able to surf the internet for ideas or recommendations about skin care and makeup.  Today, information is readily available but the road block I hit was finding bloggers or youtubers my age that I can relate to.  Most of the beauty bloggers or youtubers are young and I am unable to totally relate to them but I still subscribe to many because I enjoy reading their stories or watching them on their channels.  I have searched and watched many many blogs and watched many many you tube videos to find woman who are around my age and are Native (First Nations/Indigenous/Aboriginal/Cree/Blackfoot/NezPerce).  I  know they are out there and hope to expand my circles and my interests going into the new year.  So for now, I am satisfied with who I follow and thrilled that I have followers going forward and I plan to continue blogging as Beauty Native Style for awhile yet 😉