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IMG_3452OMG!  Love these brushes!

IMG_0105In 2013, WAYNE GOSS launched his new Holiday Brush right before Christmas and I only heard about this awesome news only after it was too late and all his brushes were sold out.  Of course I was a wee bit annoyed and disappointed at myself for missing out on the most amazing event of the year.  Then I tortured myself even further by reading reviews and watching YouTube videos by people who were lucky enough to add his brush to their collection. They raved about how fabulous and exquisite the brush was and that it applied makeup with little effort.  Some described the brush as being very versatile, luxurious and beautifully made and hand crafted.   Man oh man it was brutal to continually hear how amazing his holiday brush is that I broke down and purchased my first set of Wayne Goss brushes that came in a set of 8 brushes from Beautylish.   Even though I had this gorgeous set, I still thought about the one that got away, lol.  So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to learn that he would be releasing the holiday brush again this year.  I immediately went to the Beautylish website and got on to their “EMAIL ME” list that would allow me to reserve a brush during his Global wide event and I must say this was a very intense time for me.  I was notified by Amy from the Beautylish team that I could now make my order.  It only took a week for me to receive my order and after one year of thinking that I had missed out on this brush, I treated myself  to not just one brush but two brushes. I ordered one in Black for last year and one in White for this year.  I can not say how much I have been enjoying my brushes as there are no words that can describe my happiness.  Everyone that wrote a positive review was right and have been enjoying my makeup routine to its fullest.  These brushes are simply amazing and I have 2.  It is true, that as one becomes more comfortable with their makeup application so does their comfort level at using higher end brushes.   These brushes apply product more efficiently and smoothly and I have been using them non stop for the past couple of weeks and loving.IMG_3458

Wayne really out did himself with these brushes and I have never met him but I am certain he is just as genuine in person as he is on his videos.

I also want to say thank you to Amy, Alicia and Nils at Beautylish for making my online purchasing experience simply amazing.  Amy and Alicia’s attention to customer service was simply superior and Nils final follow-up email to ensure that everything was okay with my purchase and if I had any questions or concerns to contact Beautylish any time.

Thank you Wayne, simply amazing.

My last post for the 2014 year.  Good Luck in 2015 to all my readers and their families.  🙂