Happy New Year!

First, I want to wish each and every one of my followers a Happy New Year and I hope that Creator will continue to watch over you and your families.  I’m sure all of you had a great holiday season filled with more laughs and with more family and friends then last year.   January is always fill with a sense of joy and anxiousness at the thought of starting fresh, wiping the slate clean or taking a new road.  It’s maintaining this momentum that is a challenge for some of us.  But what ever goal you set for yourself this January, I pray that you have the courage to continue with the same enthusiasm as you had on day one.  We all need that extra boost of motivation to move forward and that’s what I give to you, a High Five and Thumbs Up, It’s All You!

This year I plan to continuing posting on my blog and to start a YouTube Channel.  Even just saying this out loud scares me and not sure how that will turn out, we shall see.