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My Favorite YouTuber

Young Wild and Polished…

I have been following this lady for about the past 4 months.  The first video I watched was where she was doing a Get Ready With Me and I was hooked and the rest is history.   I don’t know if it is her amazing personality, her take on makeup, her little accidents or her bloopers that have me going back for more.  I’ve watched hundreds of videos on you tube and none have caught my attention like this lady has.  She does haul videos, GRWM videos, Beauty Favorites videos, First Impressions videos, and just plain sitting down and chatting videos.  THEN like out of nowhere she adds her bloopers at the end of each video.  I don’t know if she does this at the end of every video but the ones that I have watched all have her bloopers at the end.  They are hilarious and she just makes my day.  Thank you Young Wild and Polished you rock and I loved your “Nothing but Bloops” video and the portion about the “dog turd”.   Keep up the fabulous work and get ready for success lady you totally deserve it… Weird, I’m writing this like you would actually be reading this…anywho…  THANK YOU and if you have not watched her videos, shame on you…. 🙂  Bye for now and until next time… stay gorgeous.