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Jen Luv’s Reviews – Fun. Light Hearted. No Ego. Beauty.

There are some absolutely amazing You Tube Channels and it can sometimes be overwhelming to find someone you would enjoy watching.  In my journey to find videos that suit my needs, I have been lucky enough to have avoided a lot of the so so beauty channels and have found myself watching some pretty darn great woman on You Tube.  If I can some how, ease the confusion for a few of you out there by featuring some of my fun, enthusiastic, heart warming, informative and absolutely fabulous beauty You Tubers, then I’m happy.

Jen Luv’s Reviews is one of my top three You Tubers and she has some really great videos and my favorites are:

#1  What’s Up in Makeup – where she does a weekly video on what beauty related cosmetics will be coming out that week.  She also has assistance from “out in the field reporters” who assist her in bringing us weekly “What’s Up in Makeup”videos, Love!

#2  Box Subscription reviews – here she does reviews of her monthly subscription boxes.  These boxes have a variety products from beauty products to men’s clothing and a lot of in between products, Fab!

#3  Random Videos – here I can expect to find videos on a variety of different topics like: What I have been Loving lately videos, Should you Buy It videos, GRWM videos, or just some random informative real beauty related or Rant videos.  I love her forward no B.S. attitude.  She’s my Hero!  You Go Girl, I got your back.

There you have it, another one of my favorite You Tube Channels, I would recommend that you go an subscribe to her channel if you have not already done so and help share the love

Please share with me your Favorite You Tubers.

Bye for now and until next time, stay gorgeous.