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MAC’s Disney Cinderella Collection?



Well, that was absolutely crazy.  I just noticed that the MAC Disney Cinderella Collection on the MAC website and the products that I’ve clicked on have been sold out.  WOW!  I only wanted the Lipstick in Royal Ball and the Iridescent Powder in Coupe D’Chic and I’m totally out of luck.  Hoo Humm.  I will be going into the Big City tomorrow and I can guarantee you that I will be making the MAC store my first stop in hopes of scooping up these two items.  So if your like me sitting here bummed out that you slept like a baby while everyone else was pressing their REFRESH BUTTON, don’t feel bad, just cry your little eyes out and pout a bit, then take a deep breath and their your all good.  Waaahhhhh!

I googled images of this collection and found these picture!



5 thoughts on “MAC’s Disney Cinderella Collection?”

  1. I don’t think the collection comes out in stores until March 5th I believe! Just a heads up. But good luck getting them!! I really hope you do. I missed out royal ball also it was sold out in literally minutes!! :(( It was so crazy how fast it all went. Good luck ❤

    xox Lo

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