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A NARS Makeup Day!





Yesterday I started writing a post about the fabulous look I came up with using all NARS products, however, I accidently hit the Publish icon before I was done writing and editing it and took it down as fast as I could.  Now that I have some time to myself and I can pull my thoughts together, I can now redo my blog post from yesterday.


I have a good selection of NARS products that every woman should have or I would even recommend that you start with these two palettes from the very beginning, they are that fabulous.  I did a good job of pulling my small NARS collection together for this look, however, I did need to pull out a couple other products to complete this look.

I started out using:

  1. MACs Prep n Prime as I do not have a NARS face primer base.. oooppsss
  2. NARS Eye Base Primer
  3. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Barcelona.  I received a sample from Sephora and fell in love with it and have since ordered it and I’m anxiously waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  Dap Dap Dap…I’m waiting….
  4. I have been enjoying the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard but I feel it’s a bit to light.  I need the next shade up. IMG_0619
  5. Next I pulled out the big guns… two palettes that go together like cookies and milk:
    • the NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette and used Laguna Bronzing Powder for my contouring and the “Sex Fantasy” Cheek Blush…Oh I love the way this adds a nice color to my cheeks with just a few passes of my brush.  Saaawwweeetttt!  Of course, I used Albatross for highlighting and a dab of “Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush” on top, like I didn’t have enough hightlighting on, but it brought everything together….. Saaawwweeettteerrrr! nars 9
    • Then for my eyes I used the NARS NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette.  Not really much to say except that “IM ADDICTED” to this phenomenal palette.  I mean, WHAT THE… I can’t stop using this palette, it’s that fabulous.  I wish I had eyeshadows like these to use back in my day. IMG_0618
  6. I could have been done after steps 1-5 but nope, I used the NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder to set every beautiful product in place.
  7. My brows I used the Anastasia Dip Brown in Medium and for Mascara I used Tarte’s Light’s Camera Lashes.

There you have it, all the NARS products that I used for yesterday’s look, with a little help from MAC, Anastasia and Tarte.

I hope you enjoyed my post today and look forward to writing about whatever I feel fits my motto “BEAUTY NATIVE STYLE” tomorrow.  Until next time, stay Fabulous. 🙂