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Cleaning my Makeup Brushes

My Sunday Afternoon Ritual with


Mother Earth


Why it’s important for me to wash my makeup brushes on a weekly basis?

cleaning brushes

  • Can you imagine using the same foundation brush week after week after week without cleaning it?  Imagine the bacteria that has accumulated on that brush after every use, even worse, if your using a cream / liquid foundation.  Even now just typing these words I cringe.  This is my number one reason why I do this every week.  I love how a clean brush feels and looks.
  • Another reason why I clean my brushes each week is that I get to use an amazing product from the Mother Earth Essentials product line.  The fragrance from the soap that I use to clean my brushes reminds me of my Mother and my Grandmother and it’s like spending Sunday afternoon with them.

What Soap do I use?

  • I use the Sweetgrass Bar Soap from MOTHER EARTH ESSENTIALS.   All Mother Earth Essential products are based on Aboriginal culture and traditions and are based on the philosophy and teachings of the Medicine Wheel.  Mother Earth Essentials have a wide variety of luxury, bath and beauty products.  My favorite Mother Earth Essential product is the Peppermint Sage Shampoo and Conditioner, it is very soothing.


How do I clean my Makeup Brushes?

cleaning brushes1

  • All I do, after my towels are set up, is run my brush under warm water until it is completely wet and then swirl the brush over my Sweetgrass bar soap and then use the palm of my hand as the textured surface until I have a nice lather.  I then run the brush back under the water until all the soap is all rinsed away.  I may do this a second time with my foundation brushes, depending on how the first lathering went.  I like to get my brushes nice a soapy, but its not necessary.

      cleaning brushes 2

  • Once I’m done rinsing my brush, I press it between a towel to remove most of the water and then I take the brush and swing it away from me, like as if I was a beating a drum.  Again this is not necessary, but I like doing this until I can barely feel any water splattering on to my arm.

cleaning brushes 4

  • Then I hang up my brushes upside down so that no moisture goes into the ferrel of the brush.  I do not have one of those fancy brush holder devices to secure my brushes on, so I pin them on to a towel with clothes pins, does the trick.

cleaning brushes 6

How long do the brushes take to dry?

  • I guess it depends on the size of the brush and I usually just leave mine hanging until the next day, this way I know that they are completely dry and ready to use.
  • Repeat each week.

Mother Earth Essentials All Natural Product

Please visit the Mother Earth Essentials website to learn more about this amazing luxury, bath and beauty line.  It is 100% Native owned and operated and use all natural products that have been used by Native people for generations.  Well done Carrie!

The following was taken from the Mother Earth Essentials Website:

All recognition for any success we experience at Mother Earth Essentials is given to the Creator, Mother Earth, & our aboriginal Elders & medicine people who have demonstrated determination & resiliency in keeping our beautiful culture intact for future generations. Thank you for supporting our business!


Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!

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  1. hanging them with clothes pins is such a great idea! I can’t believe I never thought of that. I tried claw hair clips but that didn’t work so I just let them lay flat. I will definitely try this next time 🙂
    great post 🙂
    xox Lo


    1. Lauren, I sometimes surprise myself with the silly things that I do to make things work… Good Luck and thank you so much for stopping by my blog, much appreciated. bye for now

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