Nickleback Concert Tonight

I’ve always wanted to see Chad in concert but just never got the opportunity until today. My daughter bought me two tickets a few months ago as a thank you for all the help that Moms normally do. I was totally taken by surprise and was not expecting this. I remember when her and James gave them to me, I just screamed, and said are these real?  

So now we are all settled in our seats ready for the show. A band call “The Pretty Wreckless” were the opening band andan oh man they were good.

Right now I’m just typing in really quickly to say HEY IM AT THE NICKLEBACK CONCERT and couldn’t be more happier. Thank you to my husband who is babysitting my grand babies and to Nicole for loving me and a huge THANKYOU TO LESLIE AND JAMES for the tickets.  I will post more pictures I the morning, so until tomorrow. Bye, and I do apologize for any spelling errors or grammar errors.