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Beauty Native Style!

“My Neechie Bling”

Made by Beverly Pasquayak 

Bevs Work 1

I have a very dear friend that is so talented when it comes to designing Native Regalia’s, ribbon shirts, Native Designed Purses or specialty items and my favorite, beaded jewelry.  Whether she is creating earrings, necklaces, medallions, hair pieces or specialty items, her work phenomenal.  The beadwork or Native themed jewelry that I see being sold in department stores is no way near the same quality.  Each piece that she creates is unique and is never the same.  Each bead is placed with precision and the outcome is a reflection of her thoughts and feelings during its creation.  Which is why her pieces stand out to me.

 bevs work 3

There are many Native people throughout Turtle Island that are have a talent for creating beaded jewelry and are displayed proudly during our Pow Wow Season and are worn on a daily basis.  Every beaded piece is finely made, is detailed and precision is key in the creating “Wicked Neechie Bling”.

Selfie Bow

90% of my collection is beaded or in someway have a Native Theme and when I say “Native Theme”, I mean, that piece will be beaded or may have some turquoise incorporated into the pieces.  I am one of those people who can scan over jewelry and only pick up jewelry that speaks to me or more so my soul.  Which is why my collection all have a story behind them.

Selfie Bow 4

This set that I am showcasing today is my favorite set.  Beverly Pasquayak is the creator of this finely beaded set that came with a set of earrings, a necklace and a barrett.  I was absolutely drawn to this set as it reminds me of the cape that I started beading years back and never completed.  Yes, this lady has a talent for creating pieces that just soothe my soul.  I only wear this set when I feel on top of my game, thank you Bev, your awesome.

I will continue to showcase a set or a piece of my beaded jewelry collection each month.  So with that, thank you for stopping by and reading my blog, it is much appreciated, stay fabulous.

Beauty Native Style

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