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Baking & Cooking?

Check out Bunny Meyer’s attempt at Baking/Cooking:

I started following Bunny Meyer, AKA “GRAV3YARDGIRL“, a couple of years ago.  She has a very intense and very infectious silly bright personality.  Today, as I check out my YouTube Subscriber list, I decide to check out her video on the Baking and Cooking technique. I, personally, do not perform this method as it is a little to much extra product for my mature skin.  This method, is used to basically to set makeup and also to brighten highlighted or contoured areas.  It is interesting to see the wave of interest among the YouTube Guru community when a “New” technique or product hits the stands, so to speak.  Then more amazing, how the viewers need to have that product or try the technique.  Love the phase, “Everyone and their Grandma” is using or trying….!  Anyway back to Baking and Cooking…while watching one of Wayne Goss’s videos, I recall him mentioning that the Baking/Cooking technique originated with the Drag Queen’s community as part of their makeup transformation to enhance their masculine features to a more feminine look.  Make’s sense, so why is is this method being used so regularly within the average everyday Makeup Guru routine?  Because they can, I guess..I don’t know.  More personal preference, i’m sure.

Some perform the baking/cooking technique quite easily, while other’s, like Bunny, are having fun with it.  In her video of October 23rd, 2015, she takes on this technique as part of her “Pinter Test Challenge”.  She proves that we don’t all have to be makeup experts to apply makeup but to just have fun your way.  Good Job Bunny!

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