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How Youtubers make Money

Have you ever wondered how you can make money being a Youtuber?

Tina has a YouTube Channel called “thefancyfaced” and I have just recently started watching her videos.  Here in this video Tina talks about the many different ways that money can be made through having a channel on YouTube.  I often wondered about how this done and Tina really explains the process well.  So, if you were planning on starting a channel or have a channel and want to know more about the details of how you can make money, then watch her video.  Even better subscribe to her channel and you won’t be disappointed, she’s a great YouTuber.  Anyway, hope this was of some interest to you.

PS.  Anyone know how to present a youtube video that shows the actual picture video and not just the link?  I noticed some of the videos I share her on my blog, show up with a picture and some only show up as the actual link… curious.

Until next time, take care and live, laugh and enjoy life to it’s fullest.

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