Mandy Davis MUA

Celebrating 2,000 Subscribers…

This fabulous lady has worked hard at giving us amazing quality YouTube videos.  I have been a subscriber to Mandy’s videos for a few months and I keep coming back for more.  She’s as true and as wholesome as they come and always gives her honest opinions on the products that she reviews.  I truly enjoy watching her and she is now celebrating her channel reaching 2,000 subscribers.  The winner will receive…. Oh never mind, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for everyone, just watch her video below and she can let you know.  It’s a great 2,000 subscriber prize.  So with that, I bid you goodbye, until next time, toddles.

She’s fabulous right?

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    1. Sorry for such a late response to your comment, I totally agree that Vlogging, Blogging and Youtube have their own world. Seems as though more and more people are getting more and more into the vlogging, youtube and blogging, growing in popularity. Thanks for commenting, much appreciated. BNS


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