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I’m Just Here For The Tea!

Drama, Shade and Tea…


Here For The Tea, I have been watching this young lady on YouTube for the past couple of months now when her subscription audience was lower and it is now.  However, today, she now has 56,970 subscribers and this number is steadily climbing.  Each time she releases as new video, I go a check out her latest news and notice that her subscriber number is growning steadily , wow, she is hot, hot, hot.  “I’m Just Here For The Tea” is right sizzling hot, however, she’s not for everyone, as some say she comes off as being arrogant, talks down to people and others say she just plain tacky.  As for me, I love her content and the way she tells a spicy story.  You go girl.  For me, I couldn’t care less about what all the Guru’s are doing on YouTube but man the way she disects all the drama is quite interesting and yes “I need to take a break to grab some popcorn”.popcorn

Where is she from, some are asking.  Is she from Canada? What kind of accent does she have and why does she not show her face?  Who cares, I sure don’t and why should I, half the time I have to go to the  channels she referring to just to connect the dots.  I only subscribe to channels that are entertaining and informative.  We all have our likes and dislikes.  But in any event, it’s all for entertainment, in my opinion.  Also, I have to mention  that I do find her voice quite soothing and she sounds similar to the person that narrates Fifty Shades of Grey on Audio books… ? Yeah, she has a unique sounding voice, to me anyway.

So if you live for YouTube Drama and want to hear a fresh new twist on all the drama, drama, drama, then head on over to her channel now and get ready for some shade, sass and witty comments.  I also don’t know what category her YouTube channel falls under but this may describe it is to a “tea”, a Drama Channel.

Here For The Tea

Here are some of my favorite videos, but I recommend that you head on over to her channel and snoop around, I’m sure you will find something that you will enjoy watching or not, but remember, its only for entertainment.