My Kat Von D…

…Palette Collection!

I have been collecting the KVD palettes for a couple years now and not one of my palettes have disappointed.  The textures, the pigmentation and the staying power are exceptional and in my opinion, are what makes her product line very successful.  However, her makeup line was not was made her successful and popular, it her talent as a tattoo artist. She started tattooing at the age of 14 and is a very well known, highly sought after tattoo artist with a waiting list that is endless.  So, it makes sense that she continue her artistry and creativity into the cosmetic world.  Anything she touches is successful.  I was honored to meet her during one of her visits to Calgary, Alberta back in 2007.  She was one of the featured tattoo artist at the Calgary Tattoo festival.  Her honest and true personality totally shone through during our brief meeting. Her smile was so captivating and I thought to myself, this is the best meeting ever.  Like walking towards a friend that I hadn’t seen in years, it was a awesome to meet her.  No automatic alt text available.

This is why her palettes are such a collectors item and why I will continue to add them to my collection.  You can find her products on the Sephora website and shop her site at Kat Von D Beauty.


My first KVD palette was in her older more sturdier packaging, called True Romance.  I do not have this palette in my collection any longer as I handed it down to my daughter and this is one palette I really really miss.. Why? because of the packaging.  The packaging was embossed with, I’m sure, was one of her own designs which is a true work of art.  KVD’s palettes now are packaged in the newer style.  Looking at it this photo now, kinda makes me sad that I don’t have it anymore.  Do you know this feeling?

Since then I have purchased only the ones that have caught my eye, which is almost all of them, and really enjoying using them.  I’m not too sure what order I pick them up but the following are photos of the ones that I do have… enjoy!



As many of you may know that hitting pan on any of your eyeshadows, blushes or any other product, is a moment that needs to be celebrated and monuments need to be built in honor of this amazing accomplishment.  The palette that I hit pan on is in the Shade + Light Contour palette and the shade is Lyric.  I used to use this everyday to set my under eye concealer and then I thought, “gee, I’m going to have to buy a new one just to continue using”.  Thank goodness I can now continue to use it up and purchase the refill, but i’m sure I’ll still have to purchase the NEW contour palette and then buy the refills.  Doubt if the refills fits in the old palettes.  Anyone?

TOP – Shade & Light Contour Palette;  BOTTOM – Innerstellar Palette

I love the Innerstellar palette, it has all my favorite shades and I can get many looks out of this one palette.  There are 3 shades that I am coming close to hitting pan and hopefully 2017 will be the year.

TOP – Monarch Palette & BOTTOM – Shade & Light Eye Palette

For some reason I regret purchasing the Monarch palette over the Chrysalis palette, why? Because I feel I have enough brown shades and would have loved to add more purple shades to my collection.  Wonder if I can still pick this up?   Anyone?

Star Studded Palette
Esperanza Palette

I use the Experanza palette to compliment my looks.  I usually use it to compliment other palettes to bring together a look. She’s one of the little sisters, but she can still be used all on her own to brighten my day.

Mi Vida Loca Palette

I have come up with many looks, bold and softer looks, with this amazing color wheel that KVD created.  Wow, she’s been killing it with all the new products she has been coming out with and I feel she has only just begun.

Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Plum

Now this little quad rarely gets any love.  After pulling out all my KVD palettes to take this photo, I picked it up and said “where have you been hiding”? I pulled it out from my small eye palette drawer and only remembered it when I saw it.  I have now moved it up to my most used palette drawer where it will receive some much needed love.  I’m sure many of you can relate to this, right?

Metal Matte Palette

Now this big gun has received lots of love since joining her other sisters in.  Like her big sister, the Mi Veto Loca palette, I can get so many awesome looks with it.  It has the transition shade, the eye lid shade and highlight shades, WOW, she packs a punch.  If you can still pick this palette up, i totally recommend that you do as it is a great all round palette.

There you have it, my Kat Von D palette collection. If you have been wanting any one of Kat’s current or upcoming palettes but don’t know if it’s worth it, I would say try out one of the little sisters.  These quads in my opinion, are just as pigmented and amazing as any of the older sisters.  So with that, take care until next time

Beauty Native Style.





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    1. I love the Mi Vida Loca palette and so does my daughter, lol. I purchased mine, shortly after it was available at Sephora and I happy to add to my collection. I love the art work and detailing that she adds to her palettes. Thanks for commenting, bye for now… Beauty Native Style.

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