Mini Haul


I made a quick visit to London Drugs this past weekend and when I mean, quick visit, I mean, a quick 15 minute visit.  Imagine me scanning over the cosmetic area, picking up a product of interest, swatching it and move on to the next display, crazy silly.

London Drugs Haul

I would say I was in and out of London Drugs, in what I thought, was about 15 minutes.  Reason why I had to make only a quick visit, was because my husband was with me and waited outside for me…hehehehe.  I told him that I needed to pick up just one item, however, I had an alternative motive, which was to visit the cosmetic counter.  I enjoy visiting the London Drugs cosmetic area, it’s, clean, all the products are available, none of the products are missing, no ugly smearing on any of the products I picked up and the attends are usually pretty helpful.  As I get out of the car, I noticed my husband roll his eyes when I said “I’ll be right out” and hop out of the car, walk as quickly as I can to give the illusion that I’m serious about my quick trip into the store.  As soon as I enter London Drugs, I b-lined it straight to the cosmetic area, having three displays in mind, first was the NYX display, wow, then the Real Techniques display and Cargo displays.  OMG, the NYX displays are stacked with new products, NO, but I can’t waste time checking everything out, so I just go straight to the NYX concealer palette, swatch and move on.

Done with my NYX shock swatching, i moved on.  I gasped as I noticed that the Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge on display and grabbed 2 and thought “better try it out first” and put one back.  I then head to the Cargo cosmetics and I couldn’t find it, so I asked the attendant and she says that Cargo will no longer be sold at London Drug stores… Well for petes sakes, that was rude, why would Cargo do this to me without notifying me, hoo humm, worst news ever.  I only started using the Cargo products and really enjoy the highlighter, blush, contour palette that I have and I want to investigate other products in the Cargo line.

So after I recovered from this tragic news I thought, now what!  Turned around and that’s when I saw a new display.  As I approached, the display seemed to take on a life of its own, as if it was calling to me with its shinny newness.  I didn’t even notice the product name as I immediately picked up the foundation and started swatcheing and right away I knew I wasn’t leaving without this foundation.


The product line was called Youngblood.  I feel like a vaguely heard one of the youtubers I watch mention it, but it is totally new to me.  The foundation that I picked up first was the shade Caribbean and I thought this was a great shade match but I continued to select other similar shades just for color reference.


At one point, I recall thinking that i don’t need another foundation and thought maybe next time I’ll check it out, but of course that thought was just a thought flicker.   Next thing I know, I’m at the check out stand with the foundation (I said I didn’t need) in hand.  Sheeesh, I hate when this happens, but seriously, this foundation was so nice and a perfect color match, when does that ever happen on the first try.

Youngblood Swatch

I was standing at the check out counter with my the RT’s sponge, YB foundation, ELF makeup wipes, an ELF brush set and some samples.  Happy with my purchase and the time that i was in the store, I headed for the door.  Walking quickly, again to give the illusion that I had shopped in lightening speed and went in for what I needed and out.

London Drugs Haul

When I returned to the car, my husband says, that was quick – i was expecting you to be at least an hour.  Guess he was timing me and i took 45 minutes.  Gotta love him, he knows me so well and thanked him for being so patient and that’s when I realized I forgot to buy what I went in for.  Yikes!  Naturally, I didn’t say a thing until we were almost home, does this happen to you?

London 5

So that was my short visit to the London Drugs and the items that i purchased.  I did pick up an ELF brush set that was on sale for $8, who could pass that bargain up.

Bye for now and take care till next time.

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