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Fashionably Dead…

Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman

a Digital Audio Book

Fashionably Dead

Fashionably Dead is my latest Audible Book novel.  Yes, I’m into listening to novels that are narrated and I don’t have to read.  Truth is I love reading and browsing the books at Chapters but the down fall is reading makes me really really sleepy, so this is the way I get my fix.

I choose this novel from the Romance Comedy category at a random choice from the Audible library.  I listened to the sample and was automatically hooked, mostly by the narrator’s voice rather than the story line, lol.  It’s a remarkably fascinating energy filled novel, with angels, demons, fairy’s and vampires, that are brought to life with the fabulous voice of Jessica Almasy.

The main character is Astrid and Jessica does a great job bringing her to life, as well as each of the characters.  I am laughing out loud with how she portrays Astrid’s foul-mouthed angel, name Oprah, and her terminator type fairy, fabulous job.  I think this would be a great listen for anyone out there that wants to enjoy something a little bit on the prada drenched, undead world of narrated novels.

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