Viseart & Muse Beauty Pro Interview

Stephanie Nicole…  

…did an amazing job interviewing Alphonse Wiebelt, Creative Director of Muse Beauty Pro and Anastasia Van Palmer-Van Dusen, CEO of Viseart on March 26, 2017.  What an honor for her to have been the one to do this interview, makes so much sense and if you ask me “yes, you got the job Stephanie”.  Stephanie Nicole asked some great questions about Viseart’s heritage, how Viseart and Muse Beauty got together, the production & promotion of the brand and so much more.  This interview is THAT and MORE… everything I wanted to know about the Viseart Color Theory Palettes and how they came into play, who knew there was so much behind the scenes happening.  This video is an hour and ten minutes long, but it’s worth watching every minute.  Enjoy!

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