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#1 Foundation?

I never ever would have thought…


…that my top foundation would be replaced! It happened over a course of about a year, maybe a bit longer. I have many favorite foundations and I do flip-flop between all of them, but they all know whose boss.  I still love my Youngblood for summer, but for the winter season, MUFE HD is on top.

Here’s the Back Story:

MaAC Studio Sculpt I walked into MAC Cosmetics that is located in the Kingsway Garden Mall and asked the Sales Associate “what foundation does MAC carry that has a medium to full coverage and will last all day”? She said, “follow me” and she led me to the fondation section of the store. She ask me questions like, what I like in a foundation, my skin type and I guess all the usual questions one would be asked. I told her I have normal to dry skin, have some light freckles on my cheeks that I want to hide and i don’t want a foundation that would enhance my already visible wrinkles, yes, wrinkles…lol. I was very surprised when she demo’d several Liquid and Powder foundations and I told her I wasn’t ready for a powder foundation just yet. Anyway, she preceded to colour match on me and decided that the NC35 Studio Sculpt would be my perfect shade and that was about 6 years ago. I’ve tried many foundations since then but nothing came close to my MAC Studio Sculpt which held the #1 position for about the last 4 years for sure.

New Kid on the Block:

img_2303.jpgI’m not 100% sure when Makeup For Ever launched their Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation but I was immediately curious.  Around the same time I had noticed that other brands were launching stick foundations, so naturally, I needed to see what all the fuss was about.  My arm was already twisted when i walked into Sephora and asked the sales associate to show me the MUFE stick foundation.  I told her that it was all the rage in the beauty community and was curious.  I was color matched me to the 128=Y415 shade and felt this was a good match.  I use my MAC duo fiber brush or a Beauty Blender.

How it Happened:

img_2304That next day I took out my new MUFE Ultra HD Stick Foundation and applied it by directly applying the foundation to my skin, buffed out and I was pleasantly surprised.  I did the usual critique by examining the coverage really close and was then surprised even further. The shade selection was perfect, it gave me a nice medium to full coverage and it covered all I needed to hide.  It didn’t move around, needed very little or no touch ups throughout the day and I still looked fabulous at the end of the day. Just like my MAC Studio Sculpt the MUFE HD Stick Foundation was flawless, felt great, I received compliments and lasted all day.

Refusing to Admit:

img_3033I stubbornly refused to admit to myself that i liked the MUFE more than my MAC foundation. I would always say MAC first and foremost and an extremely close second is my Makeup For Ever HD Stick Foundation., until a month ago. I finally broke down and admitted to myself that I really do like the MUFE more then my MAC foundation. I was in denial for over a year and it was after purchasing my 3rd Stick that I said to myself, “face it Beauty Native Style, you love it and it needs to move up to the Holy Grail status”. So there you have it, my top most used foundation, as of today,  that I would honestly totally recommend.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Studio Sculpt and my Youngblood foundations but the MUFE HD is now the Boss.

What’s your Holy Grail Foundation? How long has it had #1 status?

Beauty Native Style