Sephora Haul Spring 2018

I just love when Sephora has their yearly sales?

Sephora has two sales a year, the first is during the Spring (March) with 15% and the second is in the Fall (November) with 20% off. I made 3 orders last November and is the reason I didn’t go bat crazy during this sale. Man oh man, there was some really nice products  that I would have picked up but I already have enough makeup to do me for a life time, so backed off.   I was almost going to pick up the Smashbox Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter, WOW is that ever pretty.  Moving on with what I actually picked up.

Sunday Riley The Influencer Foundation:

Sunday Riley The Influencer FoundationLet’s begin, I bought 5 items. The first item that I just had to pick up was the Sunday Riley The Influencer Foundation. I’ve watch a number of Beauty Youtuber’s talk about this foundation and some don’t like it, some are undecided and some absolutely love it.  I am definitely one of those that absolutely love it, even after first application. This product is fabulous and I am recommending that you go in store and ask for a sample.  I am betting that you will return and purchase the full size tube in your shade, it’s that good. I was nervous at first, so I started with just two small pumps, and began pouncing it with my IT foundation brush. I was very surprised with the shade that I choose as it was an awesome shade match. Once I was done I used my beauty sponge to finish applying it and work the product into my skin.  I love the way it applied, the shade I choose and the finish. It left me with a semi matte finish and looked amazing at the end of the day. This foundation is beautiful and I’m so happy with my results. The packaging is great as it has a pump and has a see through packaging so that I can see the amount that is remaining. Overall, I am very impressed with this foundation and I’m glad I didn’t listen to some of the “not so great reviews” that some influencer’s had.  Go and pick it up, you’ll love it.


I sampled it against 3 other foundations that I enjoy using, the MAC Studio Sculpt in #NC35, the Too Faced Peach Perfect in Warm Beige and the Buxom Weightless Foundation in Sweet As Honey.  As you can see, they are almost the safe shade and all give me a semi matte finish.  The difference is, that the Sunday Riley is so light weight, glides on effortlessly and the finish is gorgeous.  So Beautiful.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter:


My second product was the ABH Amrezy Highlighter.  I must confess, I purchased this highlighter based on a review from one of my Youtube Beauty Gurus that I watch.  She said that the packaging was stunning and so very high-end that I thought, well she sure sold me on this product and there it went into my cart. When I opened it up, I gasped and handled it like it was a precious diamond and “yes” the packaging is nice but the product is stunning. I didn’t want to swatch it and ruin the water wave type embossing it had.  Wow, is this shade ever gorgeous,  Sephora describes it as having an ultra smooth formula and gives a radiant finish.  It is a collaboration with Amrezy and they created this universal shade for highlighting the face, eyes, and body.  Can be applied wet or dry and comes in gorgeous luxe compact and mirror.  So there you have it, when great minds come together, this is what can be produced.  I totally recommend that you purchase as it is a limited edition and I am thinking that a back up is in sore for myself.



Pat McGrath Mothership Subliminal Platinum Bronze Eyeshadow Palette:


My third item is the Pat McGrath Subliminal Eyeshadow Palette.  I never thought I would ever be able to afford her palettes.  She came out with the 10 pan palette at a cost of $170 Canadian and I thought to myself, it’s out of your budget, just forget about it.  But then, she launch these smaller 6 pan palette at a cost of $70 and this was an easier pill to swallow, still expensive but doable.  Sephora describes them as an indulgent palette of golden taupes, rich, powerful bronzes and velvet-soaked plums, that leaves lids iced in a cool riot of glamour fatale.  Wow, what a description.  The shade names are:  Telepathic Taupe (glittering greige); Smoke And Mirrors (silky chocolate sheen); Deep Velvet (deep plum brown suede); Ritualistic (metallic mauve brown); Platinize (silky platinum); Sextrovert (metallic bronze).  Even the names are wickedly fabulous.  When I used the shades I found them to be very blendable and stayed on all day, creamy, totally pigmented and the shades are excellent.  Overall, I am very happy I picked up this palette and I can now contemplate which palette I’m going to add to my collection.




Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette:


I have been very interested adding the Soft Glam palette to complete my ABH 14 pan palettes.  I have the Modern Renaissance, the Subculture and now the Soft Glam palette.  I have enjoyed the first two and I’m sure I’m going to love this everyday work appropriate palette.  It has ultra mattes, duo chrome and metallic shades with a duo sided brush and mirror.  I noticed that there are some shades are included in this palette that are in other palettes, does this bother me? Absolutely NOT.  I’m always nervous about running about of Orange Soda and Sienna, but now I am calm down and chill, I’m set.  ABH has an amazing formula that I know them to be and I’m never nervous when I purchase them.  Even with all the negative reviews that the Subculture received, I didn’t hesitate in picking mine up.  I love and trust their ability to present us with a great formula, shade range and finishes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU ALL PICK THIS ONE UP, its great.



Clinique Moiture Lotion:

img_3566-1The last product I picked up was a repurchase and this was the Clinique moisture lotion. I have been using this lotion for years as it works so well to keep my skin soft and very well moisturizer, I love it. I use a lot of Clinique products from their skin product line to their makeup. Overall, a fabulous product line and I will continue to stay true to my moisture lotion from Clinique.

Side note, I was almost done and I clicked on Undo and half my page was gone, so I pressed Undo again and still nothing.  I ended up redoing my review again… hoohumm. That’s all for now, enjoying my purchase… especially the Sunday Riley Foundation, happy, happy.

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