MAC Bao Bao Wan

Throwback Thursday!

Who remembers this gorgeous MAC product with Bao Bao Wan? I remember when I first saw this collaboration on the MAC website and thinking, “OMG, this is so pretty, I have to add this to my collection”. This is exactly what I did and since then I have used this product maybe once a month. Why? Because I know that once it’s gone, it’s gone and I’m going to be soooo sad 😞.

Those of you who have this in your collection and still use it, know exactly what I’m talking about. It has a very soft luminescent sheen that gives my skin that added warmth that I need during the Spring/Summer months. I think it really does well in the winter months as well because of its soft silky radiance. It seems to have a soft sheer shade and when applied lightly, it gives me a soft gentle glow, it’s beautiful. If I build it up just a wee bit, I can achieve a more gorgeous glow and if build up even more, I get a deeper frosted finish. However, this is not how I tend to use it, I stop well before I get to the frosty finish. I like it better as an all over soft finish and the end result is simply gorgeous when used in this way, in my humble opinion.

I feel that it does not emphasis any of my texture or my pores, in fact I feel that it blends out so well that it disguises all my imperfections, which is an added bonus. How many products do you know that do exactly that? I tried many and finishing powders and have enjoyed many but I always feel like this product just blows them out of the water. I can’t even imagine the magnificent finish that it would give those that have a deep rich complexion, wow. It does have a slight color, but I don’t build it up enough to see it, just enough to where I’m left with a soft Luminous Glow. After all this time of using it sparingly, I still have not hit pan but I know is eminent…

There you have it, my throwback Thursday product, what’s yours?

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