What I’m Doing Today?

I woke feeling like I wanted to bake something….

…. so I started with bread dough and put that aside to double its size and started on my rice pudding. I made my rice pudding in the oven and WITHOUT RAISINS, me and raisins don’t get along. I remember when I was about 4 – 6 years old and was attending school here along with others from my community. I don’t know if it was everyday but the Nuns would past out those tiny boxes of raisins as a reward. Once I was old enough to leave the Day School is the day I stopped eating raisins. I think they over did it with the raisins back then because I HATE RAISINS. So, anytime I make rice pudding it’s without those tiny dried up grapes😊.

Once my dough was ready, I started rolling my dough into buns. I made two pans of buns (dinner size) and I just taste tested one and they are pretty good if I say so myself…

I had enough dough left over to make 8 juicy cinnamon buns, which I’m hiding from a certain someone who visits and sneaks off with treats that I had hidden away (you know who you are tap, tap, tap):
Now I’m going to start my raspberry jam. I have 5 small freezer bags of raspberries from our 2017 season and thought that jam would be a good idea to use them up.

I’ll post photos of them once I’m done..