Bev’s Cree-ations


Beverly Pasquayak has been creating beaded pieces and regalia for both men and woman that can be seen through out Pow Wow Country.  She is very talented, as are her mother and sisters.  She has been a very dear friend of mine for many years and has been astounding me with the beaded pieces that she creates for me and many others. Definitely a woman of many talents and her bead work just simply takes my breath away. I have featured several beaded pieces that she has created since I started my blog a few weeks ago and will continue to showcase each week. The page that I call “NECHI BLING” is dedicating to showcasing some of the beaded pieces that I have collected, as well as some of pieces that people I know have as well. This weeks bead work are a set of red circle earrings that are awaiting the matching necklace.  This picture does not to justice to colors and to the work that Bev has put into them.

With that, enjoy your day.

Posted February 12, 2014
Bev’s Cree-ations
January 29, 2014
BeFunky_Pink Tear Drop 1.jpg
Bev’s Cree-ations
January 26, 2014
Bev’s Cree-ations

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