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IMG_0007Every now and again, I need to cleanse my mind, body and soul and I do this by smudging with Sage or Sweetgrass.  Smudging helps me to connect with Creator and to center my thoughts.  In today’s world, things are so busy and hectic that sometimes I forget to stop and take a step back and give thanks for all that I have been blessed with.  My Husband, Daughters and Grandchildren are my most precious and valuable life gifts that Creator has blessed upon me.  Once I have lit my Smudge and washed my mind, body and soul with the sweet smelling smoke, my connection with Creator is made.  I can now offer my thoughts and prayers and allow the Smudge to take my prayers to Spirit World.  It is a very lightening experience and I can now walk through out my day with confidence and know that I will do my best to hear, listen and do what’s best for me and those around me for that day.  With that my friends I bid you a Scared Day 🙂

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