Viseart Grande Pro Palette


IMG_20171128_165454687Absolutely Amazing!

My most recent addition to my eyeshadow palette collection is my Viseart Grand Pro.  I purchased my palette through the Muse Beauty Pro website and even participated in their pre-launch ordering about a week prior to it being launched.  This palette has 30 gorgeous, blend into each other, pigmented shades.  Twenty four of the 30 shades are colors that they pulled from their vault of archived shades and the remaining 6 can be found in existing palettes.  Alfonz of Muse Beauty stated that this palette is a collectors edition, I mean really, how fabulous is that.  It’s like they made a palette specifically for me and every other Viseart collector.


I was under the impression that there would be only 3000 palettes made and be exclusive to Muse Beauty Pro.  However, this is not totally accurate.  Yes, there were a certain number of palettes made and were lauched at Muse Beauty Pro.  From the first 3000 palettes, a number would be hand written in the lower right hand side in gold.  Once these were sold, the remaining palettes would be sold with out a number and be offered at at Muse Beauty Pro and through Beautylish.  My palette was numbered 1707/3000 and was written in the lower right hand corner in gold.

IMG_2149Shortly after receiving my palette, I saw people posting photos of their palette on their Facebook, Instagram and Blogs pages.  However, what I noticed was that their palettes did not have a palette number, curious.  So, I asked a couple people what their palette number was and where they purchased their palette.  They responded back to me saying that their palette did not come with a personalized number and they purchased their palette through Beautylish. Truthfully, I felt a wee bit bummed, as I thought I actually received one of the only 3000 palettes that were launched at Muse Beauty Pro.  This feeling was short lived though and now I’m glad that more palettes were made available to more people.  IMG_2153As of today, the Viseart Grande Pro palette can still be purchased at Muse Beauty Pro and Beautylish.

I watched the interview that Stephanie Nicole did with Anastasia, Viseart and with Alfonz, Muse Beauty Pro and this video was jam-packed with information about their newest release.  One tid bit was that they used shades that came from an archived vault.  The archived vault are shades that did not make any of there previous palettes, interesting.

I am really enjoying this palette and along with my other 4 Viseart palettes is becoming my most used.  You know, knowing what I know now about these wicked palettes, I would have only purchased Viseart, that’s how much confidence I have in Viseart.  They are all I need and sadly, my other palettes are kinda collecting dust.  If anyone out there is still considering purchasing this palette, my advice is to go through Beautylish and take advantage of the 3 easy pay schedule.  Below I have my swatches and done both brush and finger swatches and starred my favorite shades.  Until next time, take care

IMG_2161 (1)

IMG_2168 (1)

IMG_2181 (3)


IMG_2208 (1)


Today’s Makeup!

A Quick Post on the Products that I used…

todays makeup 1

I am listing each product as I would put them on..

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer has a more of a watery type consistency, which I’m not too keen on but it performs fabulously once I got over the consistency.  I do still prefer my MAC Prep + Prime and do enjoy changing up my products as there is always something new to check out.
Benefits Porefessional was used around my nose area and forehead where my pores are more prominent.  It seems to nicely prepare my skin for my foundation and leaves a nice smooth finish.  I feel that the Hourglass and the Benefit Primer do a great job together and the desired effect is achieved, which is a great base for my foundation.  Well done!
Lorac’s Eye Primer was patted gently on my eye lid area.  First time using this primer so I don’t have any comments to make on it.  I usually use NAR’s eye primer or a MAC’s paint pot in Painterly or Groundwork.
I used the Dior Skin in #30 Beige foundation, which also has an SPF of 15.  One of my top 3 foundations and I love it because to blends so nice and gives me a great flawless finish.
Next is the NARS concealer in Custard to hide my dark circles and to lighten up my under eye area.
To set my concealer and foundation I used the Laura Mercier translucent finishing powder, one word “flawless”.  Also my holy grail finishing powder!
To fill in my brows, I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Medium and used the spooley from the ABH Brow Wiz to blend the product throughout my barely there brows.
On to my cheeks, where I used the Charlotte Tilbury’s Cheek to Chic Blush in Sex on Fire to use as a slight contour and blush.  I tried something a little different and used the Pop part (middle) of the product as the contour and the Swish part (Outter) as the blush.  This left me with a very soft blended look.
For my highlight I pulled out the big guns, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Copper Diamond.  OMG, I am really loving this product, it gives me a really nice highlight and blends well with which ever blush I am using that day.  To me, on my complexion, I get a soft golden glow, smoking!  Awesome job Bobbie Brown.
I like to do my foundation, cheeks and brows before my eyeshadow.
For my eyeshadow I used two palettes, the ABH Maya Mia and the Charlotte Tilbury’s Sophisticate palette.  I used the lighter shades from the CT palette and Caramel from the Maya Mia palette.  I did not do a strong eyeshadow as I was going for a more natural look.
My mascara was the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara which has been a great go to mascara for giving me the thick lash look.  You can see in this picture that I barely even have lashes, which is why I need all the help I can get from a mascara.
The only product that I used and is not in the picture is MAC’s Finishing Spray… Love!

bettyann 13 005

So there you have it, my friends, look of the day.  Until next, keep looks good on you and you never know who you may be inspiring 🙂

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