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Beauty Native Style!

"My Neechie Bling" Made by Beverly Pasquayak  I have a very dear friend that is so talented when it comes to designing Native Regalia's, ribbon shirts, Native Designed Purses or specialty items and my favorite, beaded jewelry.  Whether she is creating earrings, necklaces, medallions, hair pieces or specialty items, her work phenomenal.  The beadwork or Native themed jewelry that I… Continue reading Beauty Native Style!

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Cleaning my Makeup Brushes

My Sunday Afternoon Ritual with MOTHER EARTH ESSENTIALS   Why it's important for me to wash my makeup brushes on a weekly basis? Can you imagine using the same foundation brush week after week after week without cleaning it?  Imagine the bacteria that has accumulated on that brush after every use, even worse, if your using… Continue reading Cleaning my Makeup Brushes

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Mother's Day NEECHIE GIVEAWAY Starts:  April 14, 2014 Ends:  On MOTHER'S DAY - May 11, 2014 I am happy to announce my Mother's Day NEECHIE GIVEAWAY 2014. It will begin tomorrow at noon and close on May 11, 2014 at noon and I will announce the winner as soon as possible after the close of… Continue reading Mother’s Day NEECHIE GIVEAWAY

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"NEECHIE GIRL'S GOT THIS" - March 6, 2014 My daughter Nicole is always telling me that not everyone can afford a $40 palette or a $10 lipstick and even more so if they are a struggling student.  I thought "ok, she's got a point" so I decided to dedicate a page on my blog to her where she… Continue reading NICOLE’S DRUGSTORE HAUL- UNDER $20

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AMAZING EXPERIENCE BY AN AMAZING WOMAN AT SHOPPERS DRUG MART - March 02, 2014 I had an amazingly informative visit yesterday when I ventured into the  Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique in Lloydminister, Alberta.  My husband had some business to do in Lloyd and asked me if I would like go on a road trip with him to… Continue reading SHOPPERS DRUG MART HAUL

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DEREK JAGODZINSKY LUXX READY TO WEAR FASHIONS I am very thankful to have met Mr. Derek Jagodzinsky last week at our Student Retreat.  Derek Jagodzinsky of LUXX READY TO WEAR ( was one of our many service providers that we had on hand to pamper our post secondary students at the Fantasyland Conference Centre.  He was able… Continue reading LUXX READY TO WEAR FASHIONS

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Some people may like to shop for clothing, purses, shoes or even cookware and that's just fine. As for myself, I love my Nechi Bling!  I have one lady who does most of my bead work for me and she never ceases to amaze me with her work.  Each piece is different from the last in some way… Continue reading I LOVE MY NECHI BLING!

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DANI & LIZZY I can recall the first time I heard this young lady sign "DANCING IN THE SKY", I was scrolling through my facebook posts and came across her image and was curious.  As I clicked on the video and the music began, I was immediately intrigued and continued to watch and listen.  Somewhere in the beginning, I began to feel a feeling… Continue reading DANI & LIZZY

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EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

Here is a product that I am totally loving right now.  I purchased one of the Eos Lip Balm's in Summer Fruit in November and I bought a few more just in case they stop making it in this flavor.  I apply it just before I fall asleep at night and reach for it again… Continue reading EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

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Sephora for the 1st Time

I have a friend, who I shall call Saphie, made her first time trip to Sephora last month.  I was sad that I was not able to make the trip with her, however the ladies at Sephora, made her feel right at home.  Saphie raved about all the information that she received and was amazed at all… Continue reading Sephora for the 1st Time