Excuse me?  Anyone know why Sol De Janerio named their cream the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream?  I’d really love to know… Anyway, moving forward….


I purchased this product back in November during the Sephora 20% VIB sale just as a “what the heck is this all about” purchase. I’ve heard so many youtubers rave about this cream, that it is so amazing and everyone needs to have it in their stash. Well, my arm got twisted and I now have it in my stash. It sat for a month waiting for me to use it, not sure why I didn’t open it right away, guess maybe it didn’t interest me at the time.  But then again it could have been all the other products that came in at the same time and i paid more attention to those products.

Anyways, like I mentioned, I didn’t crack this open right away, it was in early January 2018 that I finally said to myself, “open the darn thing now”.  As I was opening it, the first thing I noticed was the AROMA, man oh man, if your a person like me who do not like heavily scented products, then this may not be for you.  However, I toughed it out and thought to myself “you just spent $57 on this product and you are darn well going to use it”. So I showered and continued with my night time skin routine and took the Bum Bum cream (cant help but laugh) and applied it… dang, what was I waiting for?

This product is so smooth and made my skin feel so soft and yummy… the only thing that kinda turns me off is the scent. Dang though, it’s awesome. However, I really struggled with the scent and end up not using it for another couple of weeks. After that, I’ve not looked back and I look forward to applying it. The texture is so nice and creamy and I love the way it leaves my skin and I have even gotten used to the scent. I can’t even describe in words what the scent smells like but if I had to describe it, I would say that it smells like a coconut smoothie… lol, I don’t know. Now I know what all the hoop.laa is all about, it makes my skin feel very nice and looks fabulously young looking, is that possible?

If you have not tried the Sol Taneiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, take it from me, a real skeptic, you need this in your life… Treat yourself to a spa type sensation and youthfulness, you will never look back… mmmm hmmm…. 😊

Beaty Native Style

But for now all you gorgeous people… until next time, take care.

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April Empties!

Some Amazing Products and Some Not so Amazing

April Empties1

My last empties blog post was on March 18th and since then I have used up quiet a few products.  Some I absolutely loved and will definitely be repurchasing and others I did care for and will not be repurchase.  I am going to list these products in no particular order and write why I liked or disliked each product.

1.  Gucci Guilty Perfume:  This is my 3rd bottle and will definitely be repurchasing.  This fragrance is simply empowering and I only seem to wear it when I know that that day is going to be fabulous and wearing this perfume will ensure that I get everything done with perfection.  I don’t know how to describe this scent but to say it has a floral sweet scent.  It’s awesome and I love it.

2.  Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume:  Another great fragrance. This is my second bottle and will be repurchasing for is delicate lady like scent.  It’s one of those perfumes that I wear almost everyday because of it’s soft floral scent that stays with me all day.  Absolutely yummy.  img_0079.jpg

3.  Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil:  I can’t believe this is my third bottle since last Fall 2014.  I purchased it to prepare my skin for the upcoming Winter season when my skin becomes more drier and needs help from the brutal Winters here in northern Alberta.  It gave my skin the extra moisture it needed and will continue to use until the warmer spring/summer months set in.  Highly recommend. tarte mar oil

4.  Colleen Rothschild’s Radiant Cleansing Balm:  I watched Nicole Guerriero’s April Beauty Favorites 2014 video where she talked about her favs for the month and when she talked about the Radiant Cleansing Balm I was intrigued and thought I need this cleansing balm in my life.  Shortly after watching this video I purchased three products from the Colleen Rothschild website: Moisturizing Cream, Night Cream and the Cleansing Balm.  I am still working on my Moisture Cream which I use sparingly as these products were pricey.  I just used the last bit of my cleansing balm last night and it lasted me almost a year, a little went a long way.  It literally MELTED my makeup off and left my skin feeling smooth and fully cleansed.  This product will be making into my 2015 favorites.  I will also be repurchasing very soon.  Colleen Rothschild

5. NARS Eyeshadow Base:  I have been using this product steady for the past month and not because I liked using it but because I was trying to use it up.  I have oily eyelids and I heard other people saying that this product helped their eyeshadow stay on longer without creasing.  Well it did not help me at all, maybe for a few hours.  Anyway, I used it up and will not be repurchasing.  I will stick with my UD eyelid anti aging primer.

6.    Loreal Voluminous Manga Blackest Black Mascara:  The brush applied the mascara evenly to my lashes and after a couple layers gave my lashes some nice volume and color.  Not so much lengthening but was good.  I like to use different mascaras and I don’t remain loyal to any particular brand.  Why? Mainly because their are so many mascaras out on the market and enjoy testing them out.  I stay away from the high end as the drugstore brands are just as good if not better.

7.  dr. Brandt’s Do Not Age Samples:  I received the Neck Firm Cream and the Triple Peptide Eye Cream as a Sephora sample a few months ago and found that I liked the results.  However, I like my current routine and will not be looking to purchase these products any time soon.  DNA

8.  Moroccan Oil Treatment:  I like using this product on the ends of my hair to keep it from drying out.  It keeps my hair nice and health and gives if a nice sheen throughout the day.  I will continue to purchase.

9.  Benefits’s Porefessional:  This was a small sample size I picked up while waiting in the Sephora checkout line.  I have since purchased a full size and love the way it smooth’s over my pores and hides them nicely.  Awesome product, recommend.

10.  Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealor:  I am on my 4th tube and will continue to repurchase.  This is my favorite drug store concealor and my shade is light medium.  I love the twist up mechanism and the small brush applicator.

Well that wraps up this months empties, hope you enjoy one or two of these products and would love to hear your thoughts on any one of these products.


Here’s What I do to battle Ol’ Man Winter

With all this cold weather my skin and hair are taking a real beating, very dry and needs continuous attention.  As you all know that during the winter the air is much more dryer, meaning less moisture in the air, and our skin / hair need help to protect and maintain our natural glow.

soap & GloryAs I get older, it seems that my natural skins moisturizer does not work as well and my skin becomes much more flaky and rougher.  When I was younger, the cold did not bother my skin as much but now, Oww Laa Laa, my skin and hair need help.

The following are some tips that I do to combat Ol’ Man Winter:

1.  Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.

2.  Moisturize some more….lol

3.  I like to use an exfoliant every morning and a lighter exfoliant that has more moisturizing properties in it, at night.  This helps to remove all  my dead dry skin, ewwww, and keep my make up looking fresher.

4.  I use a day moisturizer in the morning and before I go to bed I use a serum and an eye cream.  Theres a whole routine around my morning and night moisturizing routine, this is just a quick review.IMG_0318

5.  I like to use a liquid foundation like my Dior Skin in the morning and use a mineral powder foundation if I need touching up through out the day, but mostly just the Diorskin is sufficient.  I touch up with a powder foundation like MAC’s mineral foundation.

IMG_00016.  I use cream blushes more often, as they seem to help me look more dewier.

7.  I can not go with out a lip balm.  I use anything I can get my hands on but lately I have been using the IOS Lip Balm in Cherry.  mmmm love love.Image_1_Summer_Fruit_Open_rev_35

8.  For my hair I use more leave in conditioners and use a separate hair conditioning mask on Sundays.  This helps to lock in what little moisturizing properties I have left in my hair and add more as my hair is normally dry dry dry.

9.  Another little trick I do is applying a deep moisturizer to my feet and hands and slap on a pair of nice soft socks.  In the morning my feet and hands feel a lot better and softer.

10.  I switch over to mineral products for my eye shadows and face powders, they look better through out the day as I go in and out of the cold and into the house or office.

So there is a list of things that I do to battle Ol’ Man Winter from drying out my skin.

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Marcelle Cosmetics



I have really been noticing the Marcelle Cosmetic Products lately  and have made afew purchases so far.  I purchased their Translucent Powder from the Target I go to when I’m in the Big City, lol and find it goes over really well on my skin, leaving my skin very smooth and enhances my foundation that I have used for that day.  I recently walked into the Value Drug Mart here in my lil town and WOW they have the Marcelle Product Line, how fabulous is that.  So I bought the Makeup Remover and they had the Night Cream as a freebee, Love.  I have not tried the makeup remover yet, however, have already dipped into the Night Cream and OMG is it every wicked smooth and creamy.  After only one use I swear the fine lines around my eye area were barely noticeable.  Now after a week of using the Night Cream, I can definitely say there is a amazing difference in my skin from using the Marcelle Night Cream.  Fine lines are there but not screaming out at me saying “HI BETTY ANN, WERE STILL HERE”, LOL.  I can’t wait to try the Remover because it also has a certain claim to assist with brightening and cleansing the skin.  So all in all, I think I have nothing but great things to say about this line and I definitely think I will be adding one or two products to my Mother’s Day Gift, what do you think? :).  Marcelle Cosmetics and Beauty Line is FABULOUS in my opinion  give it a try!  Until next time, stay gorgeous.