Michele Wang – My Newest YouTube Influencer

Michelle Wang


… is a phenomenal up and coming beauty influencer, in my opinion.  I started watching her when she had around 3,000 + subscribers (May/June2017).  Since I came across her channel back then, I feel that her channel has steadily grown, which is great.  Today, she is now has 8,732 subscribers and I feel that this steady growth is a good indicator that her channel will exceed 10,000 subscribers before her 1st Anniversary.

While I was watching one of her videos, she stated that she is a designer of hand-made knit wear.  So I went back to her video play list and found that she creates some beautiful, I mean beautiful, hand made knitted sweaters, shawls and other beautiful pieces.  If you want to go to her webpage called mishi2x designs to view some of the gorgeous pieces that she created, please follow the link above.  The video below titled “NYC Makeup Haul! Barneys + Sephora + Chanel and more!” looks like it would have been her first beauty products haul video.  Prior to this, she had already gained a following, as she showcased her knitting talent on her channel. WOW, I’m so impressed and I’m so glad that she is now lending some of her time to beauty.

Michele Wang said that she started making beauty videos back in February 2017 when she moved to Las Vegas from New York.  She brings a real warmth and freshness to the Youtube beauty community.  Her enthusiasm always shines through as she discusses each product.  I get the feeling that she knows the product well and that she knows what she likes.

It is very refreshing to see new beauty influencers that are taking pride in their video content and ensuring that they are releasing quality videos instead of quantity.  I would much rather view fewer videos from a creator, where I feel they took the time to research & use the products, instead of releasing uninformative boring videos more frequently.  Michelle keeps me coming back for more and I am really enjoying her “Top 5 Tuesdays” and recently her “Best of 2017” videos.

What I enjoy about Michelle’s videos is that the majority of her videos are on high-end makeup like Tom Ford Beauty, Chantecaille, Charlotte Tilbery, Pat McGrath, Victoria Beckham, LaMer, Surratt and so many more.  These are videos of products that I want to view and I’m glad that Michelle has filled this void.  Please go and show her some support and subscribe to her channel, you won’t regret it. 🙂

Thank you Michelle for making the decision to start your YouTube Channel and I wish you all the best for the 2018 year, here on your channel and with your knitting creations.


Beauty Native Style!


I’m Just Here For The Tea!

Drama, Shade and Tea…


Here For The Tea, I have been watching this young lady on YouTube for the past couple of months now when her subscription audience was lower and it is now.  However, today, she now has 56,970 subscribers and this number is steadily climbing.  Each time she releases as new video, I go a check out her latest news and notice that her subscriber number is growning steadily , wow, she is hot, hot, hot.  “I’m Just Here For The Tea” is right sizzling hot, however, she’s not for everyone, as some say she comes off as being arrogant, talks down to people and others say she just plain tacky.  As for me, I love her content and the way she tells a spicy story.  You go girl.  For me, I couldn’t care less about what all the Guru’s are doing on YouTube but man the way she disects all the drama is quite interesting and yes “I need to take a break to grab some popcorn”.popcorn

Where is she from, some are asking.  Is she from Canada? What kind of accent does she have and why does she not show her face?  Who cares, I sure don’t and why should I, half the time I have to go to the  channels she referring to just to connect the dots.  I only subscribe to channels that are entertaining and informative.  We all have our likes and dislikes.  But in any event, it’s all for entertainment, in my opinion.  Also, I have to mention  that I do find her voice quite soothing and she sounds similar to the person that narrates Fifty Shades of Grey on Audio books… ? Yeah, she has a unique sounding voice, to me anyway.

So if you live for YouTube Drama and want to hear a fresh new twist on all the drama, drama, drama, then head on over to her channel now and get ready for some shade, sass and witty comments.  I also don’t know what category her YouTube channel falls under but this may describe it is to a “tea”, a Drama Channel.

Here For The Tea

Here are some of my favorite videos, but I recommend that you head on over to her channel and snoop around, I’m sure you will find something that you will enjoy watching or not, but remember, its only for entertainment.



Wicked Makeup Tutorial by Fancy Face

3D Blue Halo Smokey Eye Look…

Have you ever seen an eye look this gorgeous?  OMG, Tina, The Fancy Face, has really outdone herself with this makeup tutorial, in my opinion.  I have watched many of her makeup tutorials and i feel that she has done one heck of an amazing job creating this blue 3D smokey eye look.  Simply stunning.  I have watched many many many makeup tutorials by various beauty gurus on Youtube and have never come across a tutorial this fabulous and eye catching.  If you have not watched this video already, please take a minute and sit back and watch her work her magic and even if you have already watched it, watch it again.  I know I will, again and again.  WOW!

Please Subscribe to her channel, you won’t be disappointed.  She’s one a my favorite’s.  Bye for now.

Beauty Native Style

Madeyewlook Twice’S Benefit Haul

HUGE (Literally) Benefit HAULiday

Here is another Youtuber that I enjoy watching.  I was searching for someone new to watch and stumble across Madeyewlook Twice’s video where she was reviewing the Urban Decay Smokey palette.  She has a fabulous personality and has a unique deep voice, which I find fascinating.  So, if your looking for someone new to watch, why not stop by her Youtube channel and watch her videos.  This latest video she is pleasantly surprised after returning home from holiday to find an amazing gift box full of Benefit’s products, need I say more.  Enjoy!

I told you she was fabulous…here’s another favorite video that I have gone back to watch several times…

I bet you subscribed to her channel, Right?

Beauty Native Style

The Most Amazing Foundation Applicator!

The Beauty Blender Of Course…

bettyann 14 010

I do not know when the Beauty Blender was release but gee whiz, why did it take me this long to finally purchase it.

bettyann 14 007

Maybe it was because I thought it was a gimmick product or maybe I didn’t want to believe that nothing could replace my Makeup Geek blending brush.  What ever the reason, I have my Beauty Blender now and that is all that matters and best of all, it came with a pretty little bling ring holder.

Have you ever done this, where you say to yourself “I’m not falling for this product” and end up kicking yourself after purchasing it and realizing how fabulous the product really is and understand all the hype?  Well, that was me!
I think, what really sent me to the Sephora site in search of this amazing little dynamite product, was because of Tarababyz.  If you do not know who Tarababyz is, she is a popular beauty guru on YouTube and has a wicked makeup collection that is to die for.  I think she showed this Blender during one of her Haul videos and said that she really didn’t need the Blender but purchased it because of the two tones pink gem holder.  Darn YouTube beauty gurus, they are responsible for me purchasing all the products that I have, yeah right, I’m just weak when it comes to makeup and anything related to makeup.  So anyway, I bit the bullet and forked out the $35 and have been using it non stop for the past month.  I am totally in love with my first ever Beauty Blender and the cute little jeweled ring holder it came with.

bettyann 14 006

I am amazed at how flawlessly it blends out my foundation, concealer and powder.  I’m hooked!  It’s really one of those products that is worth all the hype it received and everyone should have one in their beauty arsenal.

I just wanted to share this quick story about my new Beauty Blender and totally recommend that you race to your nearest Sephora and pick one up.

Until next time, stay gorgeous.

What’s Up In Makeup


By Jen Luv’s Reviews

Once again, I am sitting here watching my favorite YouTuber, Jen Luv’s Reviews, present her weekly WHAT’S UP IN MAKEUP video.  Watching her video’s each Sunday morning has come to be part of my weekly routine which I look forward to while I sip on my morning coffee in my PJ’S.  This weeks beauty news is just as informative as last weeks, Fabulous!

The one piece of information that was of interest to me was the portion where she spoke on the new NARS Dual Intensity Blushes that are now available online or by visiting your local Sephora store.  I ordered two of these blushes last week and am anxiously waiting my Sephora box to arrive.  The two blush palettes I ordered are in Fevor and Craving and if they are just as amazing as their Dual Intensity Eyeshadows, then I will be one happy Beauty blogger.  Jen did mention that she has recorded a video of her review on the two blush palettes that she purchased and will be going up in a few days.  She also mentioned that she is trying something new where she will be doing a Live Chat which I find exciting and till take place today from 10:00 – 11:00 pm.  I totally missed this due to the Spring Ahead time change, dang.

There you have it people, my quick post on this beautiful Sunday morning which is turning out to be warmer then yesterday.  Yes, Spring is around the corner and I can’t wait until the Lilac bushes are blooming, the Robins are singing, the Raspberries bushes are thawing out and best of all, I can start wearing other colors besides dark sad colors.

I wish you all a fabulous day and today turns out to be just as great as you expect it to be and I will pray that Creator blesses each and every one of you and keep your family safe and sound, so with that and until next time, continue being the Fabulous and Amazing person that you are.

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Monsiiuer Alex’s Review

I have been watching Monsiiuer Alex’s YouTube Channel for awhile now and have come to enjoy his opinion, his reviews and his tutorials on a wide variety of cosmetic products.  He is one of those no nonsense, tell it like it is and all round honest guy with a fabulous personality. One aspect I like about his channel, is that he includes his Mom when needs a fabulous stunning model to demonstrate the products.. She is absolutely gorgeous.

I was snooping around on You Tube wanting to watch reviews on the new NARS Dual Intensity Blushes and I was delighted that Monsiiuer Alex had a review on them.   I really enjoyed his informed presentation on these amazing blushes and will be definitely purchasing a few as soon as I’m done writing this post.

If you are looking for an honest opinion about these products then he’s your guy.  I have attached his video link and encourage you all to head over to his channel, check out his videos and subscribe, you won’t regret  It.

Until next time, stay gorgeous