It’s Native

I would like to share with you the LINKS that I find hot and are just fabulous.  So, grab a coffee or whatever is a favorite beverage and check out some of the LINKS.  Cheers! 🙂

Native Peoples Magazine is the “first and the largest, paid-circulation, consumer magazine devoted to the arts and cultures of indigenous peoples of the Americas”. is an Online community for Native American Tribes, Native American History, Pow Wows, Native American Culture, Native American Music and Native American Art.

North American ApparelNorth American Apparel/Alano Edzera/Northwest Coast Fashion is an online store that is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that creates fabulous native designed clothing.  Suzette Amaya (Auger) is doing and amazing job, well all the models are fabulous, modeling the black Tee and is in the bottom row, first on the left (like you didn’t know, wink).  Suzette was also one of the house guests on Big Brother Canada and in my opinion should have won, that would have been crazy awesome to see a Native Woman win Big Brother Canada.   Anyway, check this link out and hats of to North American Apparel.  Good Job!

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