Nechi Bling


Just as Makeup is important to me, so is my Nechi Bling.  I never leave the house without ensuring that I have the right piece of jewelery on and 80 percent of the time, it will be a beaded piece.  When I say Nechi Bling, I mean beaded pieces that are very distinctive to the Native People through Turtle Island and are handmade by very talented and creative people.  In this section, I will be posting pictures of some of the Bling that are in my collection, as well as, from my friends.  I will also be sharing photos that I will be taking during the upcoming Pow Wow Season.  To showcase some of the most amazing beaded regalia’s is a project that I am very excited about and look forward to sharing this part of my rich culture, Cree/Blackfoot, with you.


Green teardrop Earring SetThere is something about the way Bev puts her colors together that leaves you wondering, geee how does she do that?  The way she blends one color to the next, is just eye catching.  I have not worn these green teardrop earring/necklace set yet, because I am waiting until Spring to arrive before I sport them (as if), but I will try. 🙂

teardropearringnecklace.jpgThese fire color teardrop with rose accent earrings and matching necklace are so adorable.  Received many compliments, excellent job Bev!:)

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