Viseart & Muse Beauty Pro Interview

Stephanie Nicole…  

…did an amazing job interviewing Alphonse Wiebelt, Creative Director of Muse Beauty Pro and Anastasia Van Palmer-Van Dusen, CEO of Viseart on March 26, 2017.  What an honor for her to have been the one to do this interview, makes so much sense and if you ask me “yes, you got the job Stephanie”.  Stephanie Nicole asked some great questions about Viseart’s heritage, how Viseart and Muse Beauty got together, the production & promotion of the brand and so much more.  This interview is THAT and MORE… everything I wanted to know about the Viseart Color Theory Palettes and how they came into play, who knew there was so much behind the scenes happening.  This video is an hour and ten minutes long, but it’s worth watching every minute.  Enjoy!

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Dreads by Nicole!

Creative or what?

Saw these in the kitchen when I got home from the big city… my first thought was, “this should be interesting”. My daughter Nicole has always been very creative with her hair doo’s.  Here, she has her newly cleaned and groomed dreads.  It’s quite the task to get them to this point.  She orders them online and they come packaged in lil tiny bags.  She takes them out of the lil bags, washes them in a rolling soapy method, drys them for a few days and adds some decorative art work to them.  In the end, they always come out different.   Anyway, this was her project last week and can’t wait to see what they will look like on.  If you want to see the end result, all you have to do is “like” this post.

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Lisa Stevens recently did a Makeup Mountain Tag video where she dumped out all her makeup to reorganize.  She said she recently purchase more storage and thought it would awesome just to see the amount of makeup she had.  Well, it’s a lot, a lot of makeup collected over the years… check out her video and see for yourself.

Of all the YouTube  videos that I have watched, Ive never watched anything like this.  check it out………. Beauty Native Styles..


OMG! I Hit Pan

Anyone who is a makeup junkie, knows how satisfying it is to hit pan on any makeup product.  However, in my case, hitting pan on my DIOR SKIN in Nude Tan Tie Dye Edition #002, it’s totally nerve-racking, why?, because now I’m thinking, “it’s limited edition, ok, but what am I going to do when it’s all gone?”  As you know, limited edition, IN MOST CASES, lol, means that the product will be produced, promoted, made available in store or on-line and once the product is gone, IT’S GONE.  

 So, hitting pan is an amazing feeling for most products, like my BENEFIT CORALISTA BLUSH, I hit pan on that baby, had my back up ready and can go back in store and purchase it again.  But for a limited editions, I can’t do this, as once I’ve purchased a product, that’s it, period, end of story, ka-put, gone, poof, too bad-too sad, no going back to the store to pick another one up. 

My DIOR SKIN Blush is so soft, smooth and just the right peachy pink with a dab of sheen.  It’s perfect for those days when I just want a quick wash of color to my cheeks and away I go.  I think now when each time I want to use my DIOR SKIN i’ll have to think twice…. but heck, it’s gotta go sometime, so I’m going to enjoy while i can and snoop around for a dupe.  However, my Benefit Coralista is a pretty good dupe, mmmm.. 

What product are you NOT looking forward to hitting pan on?  Bye for now

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Fashionably Dead…

Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman

a Digital Audio Book

Fashionably Dead

Fashionably Dead is my latest Audible Book novel.  Yes, I’m into listening to novels that are narrated and I don’t have to read.  Truth is I love reading and browsing the books at Chapters but the down fall is reading makes me really really sleepy, so this is the way I get my fix.

I choose this novel from the Romance Comedy category at a random choice from the Audible library.  I listened to the sample and was automatically hooked, mostly by the narrator’s voice rather than the story line, lol.  It’s a remarkably fascinating energy filled novel, with angels, demons, fairy’s and vampires, that are brought to life with the fabulous voice of Jessica Almasy.

The main character is Astrid and Jessica does a great job bringing her to life, as well as each of the characters.  I am laughing out loud with how she portrays Astrid’s foul-mouthed angel, name Oprah, and her terminator type fairy, fabulous job.  I think this would be a great listen for anyone out there that wants to enjoy something a little bit on the prada drenched, undead world of narrated novels.

This was not a sponsored review, I do not gain anything from anyone clicking on the links that I have provided.

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I purchased this Tony Moly product about a year ago during my Korean product phase.  I remember receiving this in my product box and must have place it aside thinking that I would get to it later.

Hundreds of times over the past year, I’ve opened my back up’s drawer, and see it sitting there in the far left corner.  Once in a while I’d pick it up and unscrew the cover, take a sample and take a nice long sniff.  It has a very intoxicating juicy sweet apple scent and has a thick liquid gel type texture.   My problem is, that I do not know what it is. Is it an under eye gel?  Is it a face mask?  Or is it some kind of face moisture gel?  I don’t know…. 


All the instructions on the bottom are in Japanese, I really don’t know what language, which is why I’m asking for your assistance.  I’ve tried to translate it in an app but couldn’t figure it out.  Can anyone help me?  Or can anyone recommend a site where I can go to, so that I can figure out what I purchased?  

Thanks, I really want to know what it is because I have tested it out on the back of my hand and the result is amazing.  My hand is so silky and smooth after i use it so i want to use it properly.  How do I find out what it is?  Help??????  Bye for now and look forward to hearing from someone….

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Mini Haul


I made a quick visit to London Drugs this past weekend and when I mean, quick visit, I mean, a quick 15 minute visit.  Imagine me scanning over the cosmetic area, picking up a product of interest, swatching it and move on to the next display, crazy silly.

London Drugs Haul

I would say I was in and out of London Drugs, in what I thought, was about 15 minutes.  Reason why I had to make only a quick visit, was because my husband was with me and waited outside for me…hehehehe.  I told him that I needed to pick up just one item, however, I had an alternative motive, which was to visit the cosmetic counter.  I enjoy visiting the London Drugs cosmetic area, it’s, clean, all the products are available, none of the products are missing, no ugly smearing on any of the products I picked up and the attends are usually pretty helpful.  As I get out of the car, I noticed my husband roll his eyes when I said “I’ll be right out” and hop out of the car, walk as quickly as I can to give the illusion that I’m serious about my quick trip into the store.  As soon as I enter London Drugs, I b-lined it straight to the cosmetic area, having three displays in mind, first was the NYX display, wow, then the Real Techniques display and Cargo displays.  OMG, the NYX displays are stacked with new products, NO, but I can’t waste time checking everything out, so I just go straight to the NYX concealer palette, swatch and move on.

Done with my NYX shock swatching, i moved on.  I gasped as I noticed that the Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge on display and grabbed 2 and thought “better try it out first” and put one back.  I then head to the Cargo cosmetics and I couldn’t find it, so I asked the attendant and she says that Cargo will no longer be sold at London Drug stores… Well for petes sakes, that was rude, why would Cargo do this to me without notifying me, hoo humm, worst news ever.  I only started using the Cargo products and really enjoy the highlighter, blush, contour palette that I have and I want to investigate other products in the Cargo line.

So after I recovered from this tragic news I thought, now what!  Turned around and that’s when I saw a new display.  As I approached, the display seemed to take on a life of its own, as if it was calling to me with its shinny newness.  I didn’t even notice the product name as I immediately picked up the foundation and started swatcheing and right away I knew I wasn’t leaving without this foundation.


The product line was called Youngblood.  I feel like a vaguely heard one of the youtubers I watch mention it, but it is totally new to me.  The foundation that I picked up first was the shade Caribbean and I thought this was a great shade match but I continued to select other similar shades just for color reference.


At one point, I recall thinking that i don’t need another foundation and thought maybe next time I’ll check it out, but of course that thought was just a thought flicker.   Next thing I know, I’m at the check out stand with the foundation (I said I didn’t need) in hand.  Sheeesh, I hate when this happens, but seriously, this foundation was so nice and a perfect color match, when does that ever happen on the first try.

Youngblood Swatch

I was standing at the check out counter with my the RT’s sponge, YB foundation, ELF makeup wipes, an ELF brush set and some samples.  Happy with my purchase and the time that i was in the store, I headed for the door.  Walking quickly, again to give the illusion that I had shopped in lightening speed and went in for what I needed and out.

London Drugs Haul

When I returned to the car, my husband says, that was quick – i was expecting you to be at least an hour.  Guess he was timing me and i took 45 minutes.  Gotta love him, he knows me so well and thanked him for being so patient and that’s when I realized I forgot to buy what I went in for.  Yikes!  Naturally, I didn’t say a thing until we were almost home, does this happen to you?

London 5

So that was my short visit to the London Drugs and the items that i purchased.  I did pick up an ELF brush set that was on sale for $8, who could pass that bargain up.

Bye for now and take care till next time.

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