Lisa Stevens recently did a Makeup Mountain Tag video where she dumped out all her makeup to reorganize.  She said she recently purchase more storage and thought it would awesome just to see the amount of makeup she had.  Well, it's a lot, a lot of makeup collected over the years... check out her video… Continue reading MAKEUP MOUNTAIN TAG!


OMG! I Hit Pan

Anyone who is a makeup junkie, knows how satisfying it is to hit pan on any makeup product.  However, in my case, hitting pan on my DIOR SKIN in Nude Tan Tie Dye Edition #002, it's totally nerve-racking, why?, because now I'm thinking, "it's limited edition, ok, but what am I going to do when… Continue reading OMG! I Hit Pan

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I’m Just Here For The Tea!

Drama, Shade and Tea... Here For The Tea, I have been watching this young lady on YouTube for the past couple of months now when her subscription audience was lower and it is now.  However, today, she now has 56,970 subscribers and this number is steadily climbing.  Each time she releases as new video, I… Continue reading I’m Just Here For The Tea!

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Answers to Questions and more... Check out this well done interview by Allure The Beauty Expert, of one of my top YouTuber's... Stephanie Nicole. She has always done a great job informing consumers on her honest well researched take on a variety of makeup products from lipsticks to eyeshadows.  I've been subscribed to her channel for… Continue reading Interviews Stephanie Nicole…


Stephanie Nicole’s Review

...0f the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette, Ice Cold Skin Frost & Brand Review... I just finished watching Stephanie Nicole's review of this product line and I absolutely love her honesty, unbiased reviews and thoroughness she brings forward.  The research she does is phenomenal and always look forward to watching her videos.  I've been subscribed… Continue reading Stephanie Nicole’s Review

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Disney Minnie Beauty Palette

Purchased and Forgotten... I purchased the Disney Minnie Beauty Palette that was a Sephora Collection Limited Edition a few months back.  I picked it up as soon as it launched and I guess I fell victim to all the hype that it received.  I remember thinking, "Oh my goodness, I have to get my hands… Continue reading Disney Minnie Beauty Palette