My BEST Highlighter(s) of 2017

I’m obsessed….


Both NARS Palette Swatches (Blanc de Sable & Bord de Plage 2017

…. and am very happy by the products that NARS has released in 2017, especially their highlighters.  The formula is on point with the two fabulous palettes that come out:  the Blanc de Sable & the Bord de Plage.


NARS Blac de Sable & Bord de Plage


NARS Amazing Highlighter Palettes

At first, I was not going to purchase either of them, then I saw the hype it was receiving by the beauty gurus saying OMG “the Blanc de Sable is next level in highlighting and that I need to need come out and set up camp with them down at the NARS head quarters”, lol.   This was back in February 2017, so of course, I went to the Sephora website put the NARS Blanc De Sable highlighter palette in my cart, pressed purchased and got my receipt.  


NARS Blanc De Sable Highlighter

Honestly, when I first used it, I was not that impressed and thought “mehh, just another highlight”.  However, after playing with it for a while, I noticed I was reaching for this palette more and more.  I thought to myself one day “damn this is good” as I looked at myself in my mirror.


NARS Highlighting Gorgeousness

It gave my cheeks that lil extra something, did not accent my cheek texture nor was it thick and chunky.  It applies very evenly, has a smooth finish, I can build it up from a soft finish to a more intense shine and stays on all day.  So of course, it soon became my most used highlighter and kick all my current highlighters to the curb.

Now, just as I was so sure I was not going to need another highlighter ever again, NARS released the Bord De Plage Highlighter & Bronzing Palette.  Well for peat sakes, there I am once again, heading over to the Sephora website, adding the palette to my cart, purchasing it and there I remain on the NARS highlighting train.  I’ve been on the NARS highlighting train for almost a year and I have no plans on jumping off yet.  Although, I have made some pit stops here and there but I’ve always returned on my original route to NARS head quarters.

The Bord De Plage palette released in July 2017 and has 4 highlighters and 2 bronzing shades.  Granted it has some already released shades and some newer shades, which does not bother me in the least.


Bord de Plage Highlighter & Bronzer


It’s the formula that I was after because it’s simply phenomenal.  Since I have set up camp here at NARS head quarters, I have noticed that the formula in both the Blanc De Sable and the Bord De Plage are very similar, if not exact.  I’m mean, WOW!  I’m not into checking ingredient list on products, my research is based on use of product.  Each day I wake up and feel anxious as I know I will using my fav palettes and will use one or both to highlight or bronze.  I then give a wave to the NARS staff and salute them for creating the best highlighters for 2017.


I am very pleased with both palettes, my best highlighter for 2017, and I look forward to seeing what else NARS releases for 2018.

Beauty Native Style


A NARS Makeup Day!





Yesterday I started writing a post about the fabulous look I came up with using all NARS products, however, I accidently hit the Publish icon before I was done writing and editing it and took it down as fast as I could.  Now that I have some time to myself and I can pull my thoughts together, I can now redo my blog post from yesterday.


I have a good selection of NARS products that every woman should have or I would even recommend that you start with these two palettes from the very beginning, they are that fabulous.  I did a good job of pulling my small NARS collection together for this look, however, I did need to pull out a couple other products to complete this look.

I started out using:

  1. MACs Prep n Prime as I do not have a NARS face primer base.. oooppsss
  2. NARS Eye Base Primer
  3. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Barcelona.  I received a sample from Sephora and fell in love with it and have since ordered it and I’m anxiously waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  Dap Dap Dap…I’m waiting….
  4. I have been enjoying the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard but I feel it’s a bit to light.  I need the next shade up. IMG_0619
  5. Next I pulled out the big guns… two palettes that go together like cookies and milk:
    • the NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette and used Laguna Bronzing Powder for my contouring and the “Sex Fantasy” Cheek Blush…Oh I love the way this adds a nice color to my cheeks with just a few passes of my brush.  Saaawwweeetttt!  Of course, I used Albatross for highlighting and a dab of “Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush” on top, like I didn’t have enough hightlighting on, but it brought everything together….. Saaawwweeettteerrrr! nars 9
    • Then for my eyes I used the NARS NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette.  Not really much to say except that “IM ADDICTED” to this phenomenal palette.  I mean, WHAT THE… I can’t stop using this palette, it’s that fabulous.  I wish I had eyeshadows like these to use back in my day. IMG_0618
  6. I could have been done after steps 1-5 but nope, I used the NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder to set every beautiful product in place.
  7. My brows I used the Anastasia Dip Brown in Medium and for Mascara I used Tarte’s Light’s Camera Lashes.

There you have it, all the NARS products that I used for yesterday’s look, with a little help from MAC, Anastasia and Tarte.

I hope you enjoyed my post today and look forward to writing about whatever I feel fits my motto “BEAUTY NATIVE STYLE” tomorrow.  Until next time, stay Fabulous. 🙂